I was hired to develop and design a new website for my client, Aloe Finance & Business Services. They approached me after a not so great experience with their previous web designer.

AFBS is one of the fastest growing, cutting edge recruiting firms in the country that specializes in the placement of technical, engineering, creative, design, executive management and health science professionals. So the objective was to transform the company's vision and strategy into an online experience that would connect with it's vast clientele base.

Therefore, I designed the entire site with their clients in mind. Because the clients are job seekers, I didn't want their to be any fluff that would distract the user from finding the valuable information they need. Everything about the website is straight to the point. The information they need is forthright and available at the click of a mouse.

I chose a monochromatic color palette so as not to alienate the various industries that Aloe Finance & Business Services serves. Although their clients come from different industries and backgrounds, the one commonality that they have is that they all rely and place their trust in AFBS. That trust and dependability is represented through the color blue seen in the buttons, call to actions, and links.