Red Rooster Botanicals is a family-owned business specializing in herbal remedies. They provide holistic and essential needs for the body, mind and spirit through natural and organic products that are chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Their mission is to illuminate true self by bringing clarity of purpose and restorative, lifelong health solutions to customers in addition to assisting them in attaining greater self-worth and responsibility for their well-being. Alexandra from Red Rooster Botanicals approached me to redesign their existing logo + brand identity in order to increase their visibility and reach their target consumers.

Alexandra and André’s journey began in their Denver, Colorado kitchen when they were attempting to find holistic and healthy alternatives to healing. They found an insatiable way to bring wholesome and natural products into their lives through products ranging from soothing salves that help manage pain to medicated lip balms for those blistery, winter days. They have designed and created several products that bring it all back to the basics- using very simple and easy to read ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin. More importantly, they want others to find the same relief that they do, when using products that uplift and invigorate.


Red Rooster Botanicals target audience are consumers who desire holistic, natural and organic remedies that provide healing. They appreciate the chemical-free and environmentally friendly products that Red Rooster Botanicals provides. They also appreciate the authentic nature and kindness that Red Rooster offers.

The target consumers are women in their early 20’s to middle-age that are focused on self-care and improvement with responsibly crafted, free-trade products in mind and men in their late 20’s to middle-age that are focused on self-maintenance and grooming with products that evoke a handsome fragrance. 

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1-Red Rooster Botanicals Primary Logo.png

primary logo

2-Red Rooster Botanicals Alternate Logo.png


3-Red Rooster Botanicals Submark Logo.png


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I selected FoglihtenNo01 as the main typography for Red Rooster Botanicals new branding because it has that French vintage feel in addition to having an artisanal vibe. It is a very welcoming font that will surely appeal to their target audience.

The secondary typography is Timeless.

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