I was hired to design a logo in addition to producing, filming, and editing a Kickstarter product video for the WOD Wagon, a portable training sled that secures fitness equipment.

The objective of this project was to create brand awareness and generate interest in the WOD Wagon. Because the WOD Wagon was targeted towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts, I incorporated an ECG pulse that resembled the letter 'W' with a barbell attached to it to represent health, strength, fitness, and weightlifting.



I created this five-minute motion graphic design called The Local’s Guide to San Francisco for my Senior Project course at Cal State East Bay.

It has a countdown of 10 different activities to do in San Francisco accompanied by 10 different motion graphics illustrating a depiction of the description. 


Whack-A-Politician! Commercial

I created this commercial to accompany my interactive game project, Whack-A-Politician! I coded the game using Processing, bobbleheads, electrical tape, and a Makey Makey. I created the illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

The objective of the game is much like Whack-A-Mole. When you hit the top of one of the bobbleheads, it corresponds with the politician on the screen. You receive a point for each politician that you whack!


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Motion Graphic Design 


Self Portrait Motion Graphic Design